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I will keep this brief but I felt it was necessary to share my experience at TMS & Brain Health with you. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 14 or so. I have tried several medications in the past but have been very reluctant on taking psych meds for the rest of my life. I started looking up depression treatment alternatives being that my symptoms were becoming unbearable (didn’t want to live) and stumbled across your business on google. I couldn’t have found a better place. My life has changed drastically for the better. I wake up hopeful and I actually have a chance at life again. Spravato was instant relief and TMS was just icing on the cake. But what made my experience better than I could have imagined was your staff. 3 in particular. Dominic was always encouraging and extremely knowledgeable as well as helpful. Rebecca is an amazing therapist and I look forward to seeing her in the future when I’m back at work and making money. My favorite was Julia. She was a massive part of my recovery and I am forever thankful I got to work with her. Between guided meditations (which I’m now doing at home daily), yoga, breath work and just her overall energy, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for running such a solid program and hiring such an amazing staff. I am forever grateful.

Nick B.

My husband has suffered from depression for years but of late is had become more severe. When I met up with TMS and spoke to some of their patients I was duly impressed with their stories and the results they experienced. I suggested my husband try it and although reluctant at first he went for an evaluation which he passed. He started the treatment and within days it was apparent that his demeanor has improved and that he had more energy and became more productive and was happier. This has continued throughout the disciple and now that it is nearing the conclusion of the 6 week protocol I would say the cloud has lifted from his shoulders and he has the positivity that was lacking prior. It is nothing short of a miracle. I would award this 5 stars.

Arlene H.

At the time I started TMS I was doubtful. Clearly depressed, to the degree I felt there was not point to continuing the struggle. At the encouragement of my wife, with reservations, we started the process. At first, only a change from no point in going on to the decision not to do something drastic. Then energy and positive thinking became part of my day. As the process continued I approached the day with some energy and resolve. At this point my outlook is much more positive, expectations are high, focus is good and energy strong. I am told my demeanor is much more positive. I am not done with the protocol and expect even more positive results.

Bryce N.


Vince V.

Express TMS completely changed my life.

Bob S.

I have suffered from severe depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety for over 20 years. I’ve tried every medication on the market, none of which had any positive impact on my symptoms due to my extreme resistance to psychiatric medications. I saw no symptom improvement in addition to suffering from the side effects that came with increasing the amount of medication I was taking. The depression and anxiety greatly interfered with every aspect of my life. It defined who I was. After only 3 weeks into my TMS treatment, I feel better than I have in years. I’ve started feeling joy and motivation and have stopped isolating myself from my friends and loved ones. I’m able to fall asleep naturally and sleep soundly all night without sleep medication. I have my life back thanks to Ben and his team.

Li B.

I was introduced to TMS through TMS & Brain Health and it has been a positive experience from the outset. After not responding to antidepressants for nearly a decade, I saw results from TMS after 2 weeks. The staff here are exceptional and I felt comfortable and informed throughout the progression of treatment. I highly recommend both TMS and this office for anyone struggling to address their depression.

Audrey K.

The staff at TMS & Brain Health are very professional and understanding. I was very glad to find this facility and treatment is covered by Medicare and am about a week short of completing my 6 weeks of treatment. I can get out of bed, shower, get dressed and leave the house (yes, if you are depressed, you know how hard that is!). I have also (with my own Dr's approval) been able to wean off 3 of 5 meds. Now if I only didn't have to deal with traffic on the 405 to get there, it would be perfect!

Gail D.

My experience with TMS has been totally life changing. I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing depression and anxiety. It's not another band aid, it's a true solution.

Amanda K.

Excellent experience. I highly recommend this service.

Steven G.


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