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How often do you make careless mistakes when you have to work on a boring or difficult project?

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How often do you have difficulty keeping your attention when you are doing boring or repetitive work?

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How often do you have difficulty concentrating on what people say to you, even when they are speaking to you directly?

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How often do you misplace or have difficulty finding things at home or at work?

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How often do you leave your seat in meetings or other situations in which you are expected to remain seated?

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How often are you distracted by activity or noise around you?

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How often do you feel restless or fidgety?

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How often do you have difficulty unwinding and relaxing when you have time to yourself?

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How often do you find yourself talking too much when you are in social situations?

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When you’re in a conversation, how often do you find yourself finishing the sentences of the people you are talking to, before they can finish them themselves?

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How often do you have difficulty waiting your turn in situations when turn taking is required?

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How often do you interrupt others when they are busy?

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


While Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is most often diagnosed in children, around 4.4% of American adults also have the condition. TMS & Brain Health in Santa Monica and L.A. offers personalized treatment plans for ADHD to help you control your thoughts and behaviors so you can thrive and reach your full potential.

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