Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is typically used for patients with depression who have tried other forms of therapy and haven’t found anything that works. Before we begin ketamine treatments, we conduct a thorough evaluation to see if the treatment is right for you. We will discuss what symptoms you’ve been experiencing lately, as well as your goals, to tailor the treatment to your body and mental health needs.


Originally used as a pediatric anesthetic, ketamine has shown to be an effective drug for fighting depression. Ketamine works differently in your brain than other antidepressant medications. Conventional antidepressants such as SSRIs have to build up in your system to change your brain chemistry. Ketamine almost immediately alters the neurotransmitter activity in your brain. In 2014, Thomas Insel, former director of the National Institute for Mental Health, said, “Ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades.”


TMS & Brain Health offers two methods of Ketamine treatments. Ketamine infusions are administered by an IV. We use sub-anesthetic doses based on your body weight and medical history. We also offer nasal spray or Spravato™, an FDA-approved esketamine nasal spray, both designed to relieve treatment-resistant depression.


During the treatment, a member of our team will be with you the entire time, so you’ll never be alone. While some patients might experience side-effects during treatment, including floating sensations and hallucinations, these are only mild and wear off once the treatment is finished. Feeling tired is also normal after a session, so patients are not allowed to drive themselves home after receiving ketamine treatments. You might begin to feel relief within an hour after a session. Typically, patients receive six infusions over the course of two to three weeks and may need an occasional infusion after these initial sessions.

Progressive Mental Health Treatments

TMS & Brain Health specializes in alternative mental health treatments, like TMS therapy and ketamine infusions and nasal spray. These can often be far more effective than traditional routes. With the help of our skilled and compassionate team, we can help our patients find relief from their symptoms and live happy and healthy lives!

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