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TMS & Brain Health Los Angeles
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TMS & Brain Health has an office location in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles. We offer a variety of alternative mental health treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. Our most common treatments include TMS therapy, ketamine treatment (nasal spray only; for infusions, patients must go to the Santa Monica office), neurofeedback, and EMDR therapy. We also provide an intensive outpatient program, a unique treatment that tailors therapy methods to each patient’s personal needs. This program is designed to induce neuroplasticity and promote natural recovery.

The downtown area where our office is located is bordered by several well known neighborhoods including Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Boyle Heights. Our second location is further west in the city of Santa Monica.

The city of Los Angeles, California has a population of a whopping 4 million residents, second only to New York. It is located in Southern California, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains. Los Angeles County is the home to the city of LA, but the Greater Los Angeles area refers to the sprawling region that includes Ventura, Orange County, Long Beach, and Inland Empire.

This sprawling city is best known for diversity, prosperity, and the Hollywood entertainment industry. L.A. is a popular tourist destination, with highlights such as the classic Hollywood Sign, Rodeo Drive, Disneyland, and the beaches.

Also known as the “Creative Capital of the World”, L.A. is a cultural hub when it comes to the arts and entertainment. One-sixth of its residents work in the creative industry as either artists, filmmakers, dancers, actors, musicians, or writers. There are more creative workers living in Los Angeles than there have ever been in any other city.

The city got its creative start early on; it is home to the oldest film school in the United States, the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Now it is known as the center of the motion picture and television industries, and hosts the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards each year.

With a culture that fosters and promotes creativity, Los Angeles values the human mind. This also means they value mental wellbeing; The L.A. County Department of Mental Health is the largest in the nation. They offer a wide variety of direct services to residents and have contracted with almost 1,000 mental health providers, including Mental Health America of Los Angeles.