Many mental health conditions and negative thoughts and behaviors are linked to stuck patterns of brain activity. Neurofeedback is a method of retraining your brain to let go of the unhelpful brain-wave patterns. In turn, this can relieve your symptoms and enhance your mental health. TMS & Brain Health offers IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback therapy in Los Angeles and Santa Monica to help you cope with mental health conditions and lead a more fulfilling life.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a treatment that retrains your brain to address stuck or persistent patterns of thinking that lead to unhealthy behaviors. It uses positive reinforcement to encourage your brain to follow healthier, more productive thought patterns.

The people most likely to benefit from our neurofeedback in Santa Monica or LA include those with:

  • Seizure conditions
  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Age-related cognitive degeneration

Neurofeedback isn’t a cure, but rather a method of training your brain to cope with negative thoughts and feelings. It helps you break the cycle of negative brain activity leading to unhealthy behaviors.

What happens during a neurofeedback session?

Your first neurofeedback session focuses on mapping your brain activity and identifying the brain waves produced when you have positive thoughts or anxious, depressed, and other negative feelings. This map of brain activity shows your TMS & Brain Health provider which patterns are attached to your symptoms.

Then, the provider creates a treatment plan to retrain your brain. You have a set number of neurofeedback sessions, typically one or two appointments each week. At the end of your sessions, you shouldn’t need additional treatment, although some patients have occasional “booster” neurofeedback sessions.

TMS & Brain Health’s IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback therapy usually proceeds relatively quickly. Your provider attaches electrodes to your head while you relax in a comfortable chair. All you need to do is sit still for a few moments.

The electrodes don’t cause any shocks or pain; they monitor your brain waves and deliver microcurrents to your brain in response to your brain activity. The feedback is imperceptible to you, but your brain picks up on the current and adjusts accordingly.

What are the benefits of neurofeedback?

The IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback therapy offers many benefits. First, it is a drug-free method of coping with mental health conditions. Also, compared to many other treatment modalities, neurofeedback is quick. Not only are the sessions themselves much shorter than other neurofeedback options and different therapeutic approaches, but they also deliver rapid results. Many patients see an improvement in their symptoms after just three sessions of neurofeedback.

Am I a candidate for neurofeedback?

As mentioned above, TMS & Brain Health offers neurofeedback as an alternative treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and other conditions. Our clinical team provides thorough assessments before recommending this or other treatment programs, such as TMS Therapy.

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